NYPD ClaimConnect User Guide


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) How does one become a provider in order to treat members of the NYPD?

Providers are required to create an account in the City of New York Payee Information Portal (PIP) system. Providers can log on to: (https://a127-pip.nyc.gov/webapp/PRDPCW/SelfService) and follow the directions to create a new payee/vendor code account. You will be asked to submit a Substitute W-9 Certification form during the activation process. The website will guide you through the process to become a NYC Vendor.

2) How soon after I register to become a certified NYC Provider, can I begin seeing patients from the NYPD?

The City's W-9 review and approval process is 5-10 business days, excluding City holidays. Upon notification of your approval you will be entered into the database of certified vendors with NYC in the Financial Management System (FMS).

3) What is the process to treat patients from the NYPD?

Members of the NYPD are required to be evaluated at the NYPD Health Care Facility by the NYPD Clinic doctors for Line of Duty Injuries (LODI). If the NYPD doctor deems it necessary for the member to receive outside treatment he/she will be given an authorization for treatment. The employee should give this Authorization to the provider at the time of appointment.

4) Do all services require a NYPD Authorization?

All services EXCEPT services provided on the Initial injury date require a NYPD Authorization.

5) How can I obtain a NYPD authorization if the employee does not have an authorization for an appointment?

To request a retro authorization contact the authorization unit at (718) 760-7660.

6) What is the reimbursement rate for treatments?

The reimbursement rate is based on the New York State Workers Compensation Fee Schedule. Accepting a NYPD authorization confirms acceptance of this fee. Balance of any fee cannot be billed to the patient.

7) How long do I have to submit a claim?

All claims must be received by NYPD within one (1) calendar year from the date of service. Any submission over one (1) year will be rejected.

8) How do I register into the Claim Connect portal?

You must be an Active payee/vendor with the City of New York, register by going to www.claimconnect.com and entering your Vendor Tax ID Code and Zip Code. Claim Connect will match the information with the NYPD Vendor List, upon which time you will be allowed to complete the application. Once submitted, NYPD will verify and either approve or disapprove the Vendor. If a match of Tax ID or Vendor Code is not found in the NYPD Vendor List Claim Connect will direct you to a Payee Information Portal link (https://a127-pip.nyc.gov) to register with NYC and return you to the login page.

9) What if my Vendor code is inactive in the NYC Financial Management System (FMS)? Will we be able to use the Claim Connect web Portal?

  • If your vendor code is flagged inactive in the NYC FMS system you will still be allowed to view any claims in the claim connect system for 3 months (90 days), but you will not have the ability to file claims on-line.
  • In the event that your standing in the NYC FMS system has not been changed back to an active status after 90 days, your access to Claim Connect will be suspended and you will have to re-register and go through the verification process again.

10) Who is responsible for maintaining our account with Claim Connect?

  • You, the provider, are responsible for maintaining your account.
  • You can create up to 10 additional user accounts within your organization and you are responsible for upholding the usage and confidentiality by your account holders.
  • Once you register with claim connect the system will return to you your password and a pass code. You may change your password at any time however, you will always be asked to enter you passcode when you log into claim connect.

11) What kind of information is provided by Claim Connect?

  • Claim Status
  • Explanation of Benefits

12) What information do I need to begin my query?

Any combination of the following:

  • Last Name of patient
  • First Name of patient
  • Authorization Number
  • Voucher Number
  • Date of Service/Date Range of Service Rendered

13) If I am registered for Claim Connect with FDNY or DSNY, will I have to register to submit claims with NYPD?

Yes, you still have to register with NYPD however, your service locations will be copied over if you are registered with FDNY or DSNY.

14) What level of confidentiality must be maintained by the provider?

All patient information including not limited to the following:

  • Last 4 digits of the SSN
  • Patient name
  • Authorization Number
  • Diagnosis

15) How do I find the status of my claim?

Once registered and verified in claim connect, you will be granted a passcode to sign in to Claim Connect. You will then have the following options:

  • Review claim status
  • Ability to file new claims on-line
  • Follow the process or stage of claim
  • Review and print the Explanation of Benefits (EOB)
  • Review and print multiple claims from your facility
  • Review payment check information

16) Can we file claims through claim connect for NYPD civilian members?

No, claims for civilian members of NYPD are processed through the New York City Law Department, claims should be mailed to:

  • NYC Law Department
    350 Jay Street, 9th floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Attention: Costa Fikhman

17) Can we call for phone Inquiries?

Yes, you can call for inquiries at (718) 760-7660. Please have the following information available;

  • Patient name
  • Last 4 digits of SSN
  • Injury date
  • Date of Service

18) If we file on- line will our claims be processed faster?

Yes, filing claims on-line creates an electronic billing record and automatically comes into the NYPD Claim Connect system and moves through the process electronically. Currently, NYPD receives claims via mail or fax and then it is manually entered/scanned into our system. We are confident that removing this extra step will shorten the processing time.

19) Who do I contact for system problems with Claim Connect?

Providers are encouraged to use the support tool provided on the bottom right side of the page for any support issues.

20) Who do I contact if I have a technical problem or cannot log into claim connect?

You can email us at support.claimconnect@imagework.com or call us at 914-517-3223. We will get back to you within 24 hours.